Green Business


Adding values to the renewable resources of Mongolia, uniting manufacturers with its vision and value, “Green Group” commences an initiative to compete on the international stage. National brand developer Green Group is describing its blueprint of representing Mongolia in the world as the GREEN BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM. GREEN BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM aims at promoting environmentally-friendly manufacturing, creating business diversification, and improving competitiveness. Equal development of the environment, society, and economy is the foundation of sustainable development. That is why the Green Business Ecosystem will allow the inclusion of innovation to products and services, optimal solutions to sales, and as a result, ensure customer satisfaction, develop and circulate the brand in a non-material economy, leading towards financially stable growth.

Green technology is gaining momentum around the world. Mankind is increasingly embracing smart and green initiatives in its business to reduce the negative impact on environmental issues such as climate change and air pollution. This new trend was first introduced by Green Group in 2014 in its business and production. In particular, the high-pressure steam generated during the production process is converted into heat, gray water is reused, energy consumption is under control, “green” construction technology or LEED standard is introduced, and advanced technologies are installed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption of 200 distribution vehicles. Overall, the Green Group has been introducing and developing “GREEN SOLUTION” in all production and business activities. On the other hand, it is not only introducing environmentally-friendly technologies into its production but also setting the same requirements for suppliers of raw materials and products, creating the GREEN BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM.


Diversify businesses and create sustainable economic benefits to stakeholders by selecting the best quality from Mongolia’s agricultural raw materials and international standard products, packaging, and raw materials available on the market by open bidding under specific requirements.


From the moment a new idea is born, to the development of the project based on research and analysis, we will help to define business and production policies, create packaging, ingredients, and differentiation, develop them on a scientific basis, certifies them with intellectual property, and hands them over to the business unit.


In order to support sustainable development, projects and programs will be invested through international and domestic sources, financing will be provided at a 1 percent interest rate, and the enterprise will be able to obtain loans from third parties.


The GREEN MARTECH PLATFORM is a marketing and technological solution that will boost sales by connecting merchants, consumers, and partners with an advanced digital solution, and integrating technology-based platforms. The IT-based marketing platform will help us step up to the global market under the “Taliin Mongol” brand together.


Green Group has been introducing environmentally-friendly technologies in its production since 2014. For example, its factories adopted advanced technologies such as condensing the manufacturing steam and reusing the hot water for household use as gray water and the “green” construction planning, also known as LEED standard. Moreover, the company is developing a comprehensive environmentally-friendly business system by introducing green solutions not only in production but also in transportation, logistics, finance, and investment.


By constructing environmentally-friendly “GREEN EXPORT HOUSE” that will stockpile products in a 40,000 m2 area with 4 modes of storage (normal, refrigeration, freezing, deep freezing), temperature control, shipping system for exports and imports, and a daily capacity of receiving 50 railcars via 7 fork routes, we will deliver goods to 13,000 retail points and 160 distributors in 21 provinces via 200 vehicles, which were installed climate-friendly ECOSYSTEM, and even the farthest reach of the country within 24 hours without compromising the novelty of the product via both ONLINE and OFFLINE methods.